Roofing Contractor in Moore & Oklahoma City, OK & Lewisville, TX

Every home needs a roof, but it doesn't have to be shabby or boring. Give your home a beautiful, quality roof that fits your budget. Choose from a vast array of styles and rest assured that when you choose Kaphar for installation, you're choosing quality, because "We've Got You Covered."™


Kaphar offers a variety of asphalt shingle types. You've picked Kaphar for our professional installation and quality customer care. Now the only hard part left for you is to make the choice that fits your style, needs and budget!


Decratile, a stone-coated steel roof, is a unique and visually stunning choice that is also durable. Treat the top of your home to luxury with this type of roofing, and you will reap the benefits for years to come since all decratile is installed with a 50-year warranty. And with Kaphar as your installer, count on excellent service because "We've Got You Covered."™


Kaphar can install clay tile on your home or business, whether you want an economy terracotta barrel tile or a custom Ludowici luxury tile. Watch a beautiful transformation take place on your home as you let Kaphar take detail-oriented care installing a clay tile roof.


Kaphar offers a variety of asphalt shingle products for commercial applications. Whether you're looking for an economical solution for an investment property or trying to turn heads with luxury aesthetics, "We've Got You Covered" TM

Kaphar understands customer needs are all different so we offer flexible tear off/debris removal and installation scheduling to suit your needs.

Kaphar is fully insured for your protection. This is easily verifiable through the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board website, which names all Oklahoma registered roofing contractors and states whether they are "In Good Standing" (insurance at proper limits and up to date).


Do you want to stop pouring time, money, and effort into maintaining your company's roof? A metal roof might be for you. This durable, practical, and yet attractive material goes above and beyond by also saving you money on your cooling utilities, because it meets the Energy Star Requirements. With a factory applied paint system that lasts 40 years on each metal roof we install, choosing a metal roof for Kaphar to install will ensure "We've Got You Covered"™ for life*.


Kaphar's installation of retro-fit roofing is far above par. Our material is metal, an advantage over other types of retro-fit roofs. The advantages of a retro-fit roof installed by Kaphar are numerous:

Engineered, galvanized zee purlin (frame components) are installed directly over existing purlin. This method of installation INCREASES the overall strength of the roof in most cases. In the majority of alternative retro-fit systems, weight is simply added to the top of the roof with no accounting for the structural weight load capacities of the building.
Because the new metal roofing material is installed over the existing, there is a measurable increase in insulation value due to the air space in between the two roofs. Heating and cooling costs can be drastically reduced with this system.
Energy Star rated paint systems are factory applied to all of the metal roofing we install. In addition to the added insulation value, there is also a highly reflective coating on the metal which helps keep the heat from ever making it into the structure.
Low Impact Installation is HUGE for many of our customers. We understand that you can't just shut down your operations to have a new roof installed. This fact makes a metal retro-fit roof system an excellent choice for many of our customers.


Flat roofs are unfortunately but not necessarily rightfully notorious for leaking. Almost always, a leak on a flat roof can be traced to an installation error or a lack of maintenance.

A properly installed, quality membrane such as Duro-Last can be expected to perform at least 15-20 years with little upkeep. Duro-Last performs especially well in food service applications ( exposed to grease/animal fats) where most other roofing materials quickly degrade and begin to fail. Duro-Last is also custom ordered to reduce seams and many "welds" are factory applied, which simplifies installation and reduces the margin for installation errors.

There are also high quality TPO systems that perform well when properly installed. TPO can be ordered in a variety of widths to reduce seams and is readily available at most roofing supply companies. Not all TPO is created equal so if you're getting estimates, make sure you're comparing brands and thicknesses to ensure you're getting "apples to apples" bids.

Modified Bitumen/Torch Down & Built up (BUR) are also options but special consideration should be taken when choosing one of these options to avoid potentially hazardous and costly mistakes.

In some cases a quality Roof Coating can be applied to the existing roof surface to prolong its life. Coatings are great for some applications but should not be considered a super long term fix, regardless of who's pitching the sale.

Regardless of your flat roof needs, Kaphar's professional staff can help you pick the product that's right for you're home or business. When you need a quality flat roof, "We've Got You Covered".