Kaphar is an ancient Hebrew word and is found in various places throughout the Old Testament of the Bible. Kaphar is used as a construction term but has a much more significant spiritual meaning.

Kaphar is also the root word for atonement. Atonement essentially means to "make right a wrong". The Bible tells us that because of our original parents' disobedience to God, mankind was cursed and removed from a right standing with God, resulting in seemingly endless pain and grief for all of mankind. As humans, we cannot make any lasting atonement for ourselves because we all have a sin nature and will continually fail. A single cup of sewage in a 1,000 gallon tank of pure water contaminates the whole. Herein lies the problem of trying to "clean up" and present ourselves acceptable to a Holy God. We can't measure up, no matter what we try....we are contaminated with sin.

The Good News for mankind is....

God loves us too much to let us fall without offering a solution. He sent His own Son, Jesus Christ to offer His life as a payment for the life that we would have to forfeit (our souls) without His Atonement. If at all possible, one man could only atone for one man, but Christ, because of His perfection, made a far superior Atonement and is willing and able to offer Grace & Forgiveness to all who will humble themselves, and surrender their will to God. To clarify, we do not "accept" Jesus Christ to receive salvation, we "surrender" to Him. It is the proper response for what He has done.

References: Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, John 3:16, Luke 9:23

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